Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

The still operating Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse guarding mainland Australia, is on the most south westerly point of Australia and just 8 km from Augusta.

It is at this point that the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean.

Where the currents converge the crashing waters surge to the windswept coast; a windy environment for most of the year.

Fresh water, a necessity for lighthouse keepers and their families, was once gathered from this now calcified waterwheel.

Unusual rock formations are part of the wild coast.

The road out to the lighthouse gives some indication of just how the prevailing winds shape the landscape. These trees are only one-sided.

Lighthouse details:
Year first lit: 1895
Automated: 1992
Construction: Limestone
Tower shape: Conical
Marking/pattern: White, round tower on square base
Height: 39m
Height above sea level: 57m
Steps/stairs to top: 186

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  1. Debbie & Kevin Jackson says:

    Love to hear about your ongoing travels! It gives me lots for my notes for our next trip later this year. Debbie

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