Beautiful Banksia’s

In many parts of southern Western Australia these beautiful Banksia’s were flowering in summer and early autumn. There are many varieties of Banksia here – so named after the explorer Sir Joseph Banks who in 1770 collected the first specimens on his voyage of discovery with Captain Cook.

The flower spike starts with hundreds of small tightly closed flowers that start opening from the bottom and progress up the spike into full bloom and finish in a hard cone that contains the seed pods that will open once completely dry or if the heat from fire burns the cone and releases the seed pods.

This is the most common banksia we see in the mid west and southern regions.

The birds love these nector producing flowers.

As do the ants.

There is quite a variety of shapes and colours. The trees seem to have flowers in varying stages; from new spikes, flowers and the seed pods after flowering.

This yellow variety is striking.

These flowers are pompom shaped.

And this lovely one has quite large flowers.

I’m sure we will find many more species on our travels.

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4 Responses to Beautiful Banksia’s

  1. Peter & Janet Jackson says:

    Hi Jim and Kerry Beautiful snaps. Particularly like the pink and yellow – quite stunning. Regards PJ

  2. Debbie & Kevin Jackson says:

    Lovely .. but i still think of the “big bad Banksia men” in Snugglepot & Cuddlepie!!

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