Cowtown’s Deja Moo

As part of the Deja Moo Fair which was held in Cowaramup today, or Cowtown as it is known locally, they decided to go all out and try for a record.

The Fair was held to celebrate the second birthday of the cows being installed in the main street of Cowaramup. Click here to see my post on the cows.

The event was talked about everywhere we went and Cowtown turned on a spectacular sight when 1,352 people, dressed as cows, mustered together to make a bid for the Guinness Book of World Records. Moove over Fairfax, USA, your record of 470 has been herded out of the record books.

As we drove into town the festivities where evidently underway.

These girls were already having an udderly good time!

Cows were gathering. Black and white cow onesie’s (an all in one jumpsuit often used as PJ’s) were everywhere.

These little calves were very cute.

As were the families and friends chewing the cud!

Even doggy cows took part.

Then the muster began.

Cows were herded into a race where they were officially counted.

After being mustered into a large pen the cows had to herd together for 5 minutes to achieve the record.

The official helicopter fly over and you guessed it – it too was a flying cow.

As we left at the end of the day…..this undressed cow was just lying around!

What a fun day….well down Cowtown… was a great event.

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10 Responses to Cowtown’s Deja Moo

  1. Mulino Dominillo says:

    It really looks like a fun day. I love the dogs dressed up as cows…

  2. Robyn says:

    Great to see you had a great day. Saw it on the news tonight!

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    The things people do! It looks like lots of fun. The onesie people must have been happy.

  4. Pauline says:

    Yes! Great fun! What a spectacular community event!

  5. Peter Jackson says:

    Udderly lactic experience. Moo. Sold the Patrol yesterday waiting for the new vehicle. Sad day.

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