Our sewing retreat!

I have recently been on our annual girls sewing retreat for a week and this year we spent our time at Bentwood Olive Grove in Greenough near Geraldton.

Beth and her husband Richard have planted about 3000 olive trees, rebuilt the ruin as a homestead for themselves and separate guest accommodation has been restored and extended using the rammed earth building method.

The homestead – before and after.

The accommodation and surrounds were very peaceful.

I’m not sure what I should show you first – the sewing or the food.

OK, lets do the sewing first. Here are some of our efforts for the week and photos of the girls hard at work.

And now for the food and the WWOOF’ers.

We were very lucky to have all our evening meals included for the week. As Beth was away for the first 4 days we had the service of Thibaut, a French chef working in Australia at the moment. What a bonus for us as you will see from the food below. He was so generous with his knowledge and such a lovely guy. Thanks Thibaut.

The four ladies, also from France, are in Australia working as WWOOF’ers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms). Back in France Manon has a sales role in communications, Florine is studying architecture, Aurore is a nurse, and Chanel makes prosthesis. Such lovely girls – we really enjoyed our interaction with them. Good luck girls for the rest of your stay in Australia!

Just some of the fantastic food!

20140808-203933-74373028.jpgWe had such a great time chatting and laughing, stitching and enjoying each others company. Thanks for a lovely week sewing girls.

And thanks Beth….we will be back next year.

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12 Responses to Our sewing retreat!

  1. Jenny MacKay says:

    I was just up the road at the Greenough Museum on Thursday and those girls came over and said hello the week before. Also the French guy, now I know he’s a chef, has been helping out there as well. How about that! Looks like you had a great cousins, sisters week 🙂

    • Jim & Kerry says:

      Yes Jenny, I think they are working around the area. It was so lovely to have Vicky, Janine and Kristine and the rest of the sewing group all together. We had such a great time.

  2. Jill says:

    How wonderful glad you all had a great week, very envious x

  3. Debbie Jackson says:

    How wonderful! You’ve certainly had a great time. I had my own personal “Thibaut” in the guise of my brother-in-law Gerard. I spent three nights with Fiona & Gerard and two days at the animal shelter doing paperwork. Home and worn out now. Hope you are both fit and well. Plans are afoot here but not for anymore travel this year. Keep well. xx

  4. Mulino Dominillo says:

    What an interesting week!

  5. Wendy Gordon says:

    what an excellent way to spend a week of your time. Not too much beats spending time with friends sewing, chatting and eating !!!

  6. Kris brown says:

    Yes a excellent week great photos and lots of work done by me xx

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