Organic Garden open to the public

Set on two acres, the Margaret River Organic Garden is a community garden that operates thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers. The garden is used by community groups for all sorts of events – children’s play groups, meditation and yoga groups and the high school for its arts, photography and filmmaking classes.

Gums, Silver Birch, Bay, Juniper, Popular, Yew and Chestnut trees provide a shady environment for the shrubs and flowers.

Come for a stroll through the garden and enjoy the peace and quite. Paths lead to little garden rooms and seating areas.

The summer crop of fruits and vegetables are just starting to ripen.

I am looking forward to returning to see the changing mood of the garden as the seasons advance.

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6 Responses to Organic Garden open to the public

  1. mulino dominillo says:

    A wonderful garden! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Debbie & Kevin Jackson says:

    Lovely photos as usual. Hopefully we’ll manage something like that on a small scale on our block! The shed kit arrived on 29 Jan and “the boys” (of various ages and abilities) have made a start. No rush at all. Good to know you’re still out there enjoying yourselves. Keep well xx

  3. Ros & Terry Cripps says:

    Great photos Kerry. Happy Birthday! Im sure you have enjoyed having your Mum down for a few weeks. Congratulations on your new little great nephew. See you at the reunion.
    Love Ros & Terry

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