Talent, food and fun visiting Open Studios

Today was a beautiful autumn day here in Margaret River, so together with Maureen, Helen & Sian we visited several of the studios involved in ‘Open Studios’.

Our first studio was that of Leonie MacLean. Leonie’s photographic montage images, particularly of native orchids, are produced on a range of items including cushions, bags, canvas and print, cards and household items.

Morning tea at Goanna Gallery was necessary before we continued. Yummy indeed!

Cate Edwards works using mostly watercolour and ink on paper and acrylic on canvas. Her work is colourful and I particularly loved her chickens.

Cate has illustrated her grandmother’s poem from the 1930’s – what a lovely idea.

Whilst painting mostly landscapes, Wes Nash has an individual style. He recently spent some time in Tuscany sketching and painting the landscape.

Seascape artist and keen surfer Adam Stanly’s work reflects his love of the Australian waves. Vibrant colours and interesting media to paint on are part of his inspiration to creating his individual style.

Lunch at the Cheeky Monkey Brewery was a much needed break and thirst quencher!

Our final studio was Willyabrup Dreaming to see the work of potter Bill Meiklejohn. Bill is sharing his studio with artist Zayo and jeweller/metalsmith Steve Pease.

Well done to the organisers of this great event and thank you ladies for a lovely day out…..looking forward to seeing some more studios soon.

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6 Responses to Talent, food and fun visiting Open Studios

  1. mdmunro says:

    Fabulous day Kerry. Thanks

  2. Helen says:

    Was a wonderful day. Lots of laughs, lovely friendships and huge amounts of inspiration. Cannot wait to get out and see some more .

  3. Debbie Jackson says:

    Wow! There are certainly many talented artistes in the area. What a great idea to have “open” days. I used to go different “art trails” when I lived in NZ. If I visited an area, the Info Centre would have a brochure if there was an “art trail”. What a great day you ladies enjoyed!!

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