Bryah Station

imageWe finally get to visit Bryah Station. This map of Western Australia shows its location.

Dane’s family sold Bryah many years ago and unfortunately in recent times, with no one living at the station, the homestead has fallen into disrepair. Such a shame to see this grand old home in this state.

The roof and a few of the walls have started to collapse leaving the interior exposed to the weather. To make it worse vandals have also been in and made a mess. The homestead had beautiful pressed tin ceilings and walls and wooden floorboards.

The tennis court, bower shed, swimming pool and yards have all been neglected. Dane remembers his mothers garden with lawns, flowers, fruits trees and vegetables all growing in abunbance. Hard to picture, isn’t it!

This is the old stable where Dane and his sisters kept and fed their horses.

On a brighter note the scenery on the station is interesting. The colours in the ranges and rocky outcrops are outback red, just as you would imagine.

The wide plains are covered in grasses after the rains and the shrubs are coming into flower.

About 20 kms from the homestead is Bibbingoona Pool – a permanent water hole on the Gascoyne river and favourite place of Dane’s when he was growing up on the station.

The day we visited it was drizzling but, undetered, we stopped here for a BBQ lunch and enjoyed the scenery. A variety of birds including black swans, sparrows, budgerigars, cockatoos, hawks and willy wag tails were also making the most of the pool.

You can see the brown stains on the ghost gums indicating the high water mark when the river is in full flow. Not a regular occurance – it must be specticular when it happens.

Thank you Dane for taking the time to show us around your part of this beautiful state!

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9 Responses to Bryah Station

  1. Yes Dane, thank you – and you too Kerry – for sharing this fabulous place.

  2. Mulino Dominillo says:

    It is such a pity to see these traditional buildings deteriorating….

  3. Tony Olson says:

    Wonderful experience, but how sad to see what would have been a marvellous family home and property deteriorate and be the subject of vandalism.
    We do have a great country though.
    Love H&T

  4. Kerry & Jim says:

    Yes we do have a wonderful country…and it was a shame to see the property is disrepair.

  5. Peter Jackson says:

    Great photos and story. If those walls could talk! Beautiful country. We have just arrived in Sydney after watching the WCE take care of Collingwood last weekend in Melbourne. Back to Perth on Sunday. Catch up soon.

  6. mike says:

    yes I visited with Dane and his father ,Robyn during school holidays ,riding horses and enjoyed all our good times, also swimming in the pool ,when the water was very cold.

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