The Great Ocean Road

After a few days in Melbourne we are now slowly making our way home. The trip over from Perth to Melbourne was pretty rushed; 3,423 km in four and a half days towing the caravan – the trip home will be at a leisurely pace enjoying the sights along the way.

It is unseasonably hot for early October. The temperatures have been between 30 to 35 deg C. since we arrived and the day we left it reached 38 deg C. Very warm.

We are taking the drive back west along the Great Ocean Road around the beautiful Victorian coastline.

Our first camp was at Kennett River where we dipped our toes into the freezing water – felt like is was directly off the Antartic ice melt. Lovely beach though and there were some brave souls out there swimming and surfing.

Just behind the camp a family of koala’s were trying to keep cool in the gum trees.

Further along we stopped to enjoy The Twelve Apostles and the other amazing formations that have developed over time.  The weather is much cooler today, about 23 deg C. and sea mist and smoke from a distant fire dulled the view a little.

This is certainly one of the most picturesque drives in Australia.

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6 Responses to The Great Ocean Road

  1. Dougie says:

    Looks delightful albeit a little on the chilly side Jim & Kerry.



  2. Kerry & Jim says:

    Beautiful scenery here and the weather isn’t too bad.

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    It is one of the great drives in the world…wonderful.

  4. Kris says:

    Hi not sure if you got my message but we are going to be in streaky bay 10th October will we see you.

  5. Kerry & Jim says:

    Sorry we will miss you.

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