Our new beginning

Blog posts have been few and far between over the past twelve months as we organised the next phase of our life. We have made the move from Margaret River to Cowaramup, 12km to the north, where we have built our new home, moved in, and are now organising the garden on our 2000 sqm block.

We have gone from this…

…to this over the past year.

Our aim is to grow as much fruit and veges as practical so getting this part of the garden organised has been a priority. So far we have planted lemon, lime, blood orange, olives, pomegranate, avocado, strawberry guava and fig trees and have started the vege patch.

It has been a very time consuming phase and apart from finishing off the garden we are pretty much organised and are looking forward to getting out and about again.

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38 Responses to Our new beginning

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    It all looks fabulous. We have several fig trees at Casa Debbio. They grow quite quickly, so you you should be eating figs soon. My pomegranate trees are growing, but I am yet to have fruit. They are such pretty trees I can forgive them.

    • Kerry & Jim says:

      I really hope we don’t have to wait years to get produce from our trees. I think the battle will be getting to it before the abundance of birds do. I think netting will be a necessity.

  2. Ron and Beverley Yozzi says:

    It Looks great…very serene and I love the idea of planting your own fruit and veges. Ron and Beverley Yozzi

  3. Peter & Janet Jackson says:

    Great to see the progress you have made in setting up your new home. Looking forward to sampling some of the produce on our next trip down south.

  4. Tony Olson says:

    Looking fantastic Kerry and Jim, enjoy the “rest”! Looks like you deserve it.
    Good idea to keep the agricultural pursuits low key, your neighbours may have objected to the arrival of the big harvesters. Love Heather and Tony

  5. Jenny MacKay says:

    Love your new home Kerry. Looks very relaxing.

  6. Vicki says:

    It looks fabulous Kerry and Jim and great to read what you are up to. Miss seeing you both. Vicki and Mick

  7. Zora says:

    Looks amazing Aunty Ker
    Can’t wait to come and see it
    The boys will have a great time running around the gardens!

  8. Dougie and Susan says:

    Looking good Jimmy.

    All that had work is coming to “fruit”ion.



  9. Mulino Dominillo says:

    Congratulations, Kerry and Jim. It looks great after so much work. Enjoy!

  10. Graham & Heather says:

    Great work and what an achievement. You’ve built another place for us to bludgeon a night or two at, and fruit as well. I guess the grapes and the hops will come soon?
    Love Graham & Heather

  11. Graham & Heather says:

    I hope you know that “bludgeon” was an error in spacing!

  12. Ron and Julie Haines says:

    Well done guys..like your vege boxes…enjoy your new digs
    Julie and Ron

  13. Jan Portwood says:

    Hi Kerry and Jim, Your new home looks very inviting and comfortable. I couldn’t see a sewing machine set up in any of the rooms, but am sure you will get to that when the garden is organised.
    Enjoy your life in Cowaramup and keep an eye out for rabbits and kangaroos eating your produce.
    Don’t forget to pop in to see the Friday Tarts when in Perth, Kerry.
    Love Jan and Jim Portwood

  14. Robyn says:

    Hi it looks beautiful! You both have been very busy. Ian and I are considering heading to WA in the first two weeks of September. Will you be around? Rob X

  15. Janet says:

    Looking good, was only thinking of you both the other day, hope your both well,
    will pop in next time we are down

  16. Pauline says:

    Congratulations Jim and Kerry….your new home and garden looks fantastic! Lots of hard work no doubt but it has certainly paid off! Hopefully catch up again in the not too distant future!
    Pauline & Gary

  17. Building and shifting really is hard work but you truly live in a bountiful area. Enjoy.

  18. Wow, wishing you all the best in this new chapter and much fun with the planting and hopefully excellent fruit harvest soon!

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