Auckland – the City of Sails

Once again we passed beautiful countryside on our way to Auckland, NZ’s largest city.

This scene reminded us of our Tuscan adventure.

On the way we stopped in Cambridge to catchup with friends Lesley & Ian. Lesley is my lovely friend Jill’s sister and she has lived in NZ for about 35 years. The girls cousin Dayle was also visiting from WA.


Auckland has been a bit of a eye-opener for us. Perhaps it is the location we have chosen to stay in; right near the Sky Tower and Casino. Rubbish is littering the area and construction sites are untidy. The area also has a lot of homeless sleeping in the street, a social issue which is being addressed.

Having said that, we have been on a bus tour and the inner suburban areas are very classy and expensive, perhaps adding to their social problems.

Auckland is know as the “City of Sails” and reportedly has the highest boat ownership rates per head of capita in the world. It also has a huge traffic problem with the city also reportedly being up there as having a very high percentage of motor vehicles per head of capita.

We dined up on the 52nd floor of the Sky Tower in the revolving restaurant. WOW! The views and the food were equally fabulous.

The rain cleared this afternoon so we took the ferry over to Devenport on the opposite side of the harbour for a stroll along the gorgeous streets and the views back to Auckland from Mt Victoria were impressive in the sunshine. And of course, the food was great.

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9 Responses to Auckland – the City of Sails

  1. Tony Olson says:

    Looks like you two are doing it tough! Might even be losing weight whilst on holidays…unheard of!
    We’re very jealous……keep on enjoying. Cheers H&T

  2. Mulino Dominillo says:

    Auckland is a beautiful city, but it is sad to hear that they are experiencing the homelessness problem. Many times it is linked to drug abuse. There is an obvious social problem which needs to be solved.

  3. Dave and Di says:

    The photos are amazing. Pleased you got to dine at such heights to encapsulate the views. When we dined in Auckland it was at an Asian restaurant where they omitted to charge us for the bottles of alcohol consumed so graham hurriedly Paisley the bill an d we bolted down street. All good honest bankers. We didn’t really see the extent of the social issues you have described. Keep sending the great photos.
    Dave and Di

  4. G & H says:

    great photos again. Auckland is beautiful. Tim & Anthony were married in the Restaurant where you dined. see you in the MR sometime. safe trip home; it looks like you both had a good holiday.
    G & H

  5. Peter Jackson says:

    Great photos. You are both looking very relaxed and well. Jim perhaps the Auckland Marathon awaits? A beautiful country to tour.

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