Winter has arrived

We have had some really awful weather here over the past few weeks so we decided to go for a Sunday drive, as the sun was finally out, to see if there was any noticable wind damage in the area. And there was, as you can see from the photos. Large branches, and in some cases, trees have fallen on roads and fences.

The vines have all but lost their leaves now.

Lambs were enjoying the midday sunshine.

An inlet down on the south coast was the perfect place for a picnic.

The forest really is peaceful and beautiful.

Saturday morning we had a heavy fog, followed by a few hours of sunshine and then the clouds started rolling in again. More rain on the way!


We are not really complaining though as the rain has already filled our 25,000 ltr rain water tank, so we will have plenty of lovely drinking water for the rest of the year.

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6 Responses to Winter has arrived

  1. Robyn says:

    Did u lose anything in your garden. It is very cold here this past weekend and plenty of much needed rain. Oh well it is Winter! Stay warm especially at the footy.

  2. Peter Jackson says:

    As always great photos of the south west. Thanks for sharing them. Looks like bad weather for the rest of this week so batten down the hatches!

  3. Dave and Di says:

    I didn’t think Margaret River had bad weather ! Pleased you didn’t have any damage and tanks are full. Weather is NOT good in Sydney at present so don’t feel alone although we have not had the wind damage you have experienced.

  4. Debra Kolkka says:

    Wow! Dramatic weather. I’m glad you are OK.

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