The Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales landscape is ever changing; from lush farmland paddocks bound in dry stone walls and hedges to the treeless windswept dales and heather morelands. Absolutely beautiful!


Our drive took us to the pretty market town of Hawes, home of the well known Wensleydale cheese.

We of course visited their Creamery and Cheese Shop to sample some of their mouth-watering selections.

When we visited Hawes, the weekly sheep sales were nearing the end and most of the lots had been sold. Speaking to a local chap he told us that the upcoming market next week would see around 65,000 sheep sold over a few days – their biggest for the year. He said that all accommodation is booked out completely in the area and the town thrives on the markets.

We stopped at several other towns to have a look around.
Kettlewell, Leyburn, Reeth, Asygarth and Richmond.

This unique landscape will be forever etched in our minds…..absolutely amazing countryside.

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9 Responses to The Yorkshire Dales

  1. Robyn says:

    Beautiful! Cheese Yum… Kathleen would be in heaven such a cheese fiend.

  2. olsonfamilytree says:

    Nice shot of “The Buck”…oh and all the other points of interest. Cheers

  3. Such beautiful countryside. Brings back great memories. Thanks!

  4. Fiona says:

    Certainly is an amazing area, reliving the memories, thank you!

  5. Denise Wilkes says:


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