Tokyo Quilt Festival – Day 4 & Nippori Textile Town

And now for the shopping experience!

Yesterday we visited the Nippori Textile Town, a street specialising in all things textile. Many shops selling mostly dressmaking fabrics, and or, heavier weight furnishing fabrics lined the streets, but the occasional shop had patchwork quality fabric. The two that we particularly liked were Pakira for its Liberty and the 5 storey Tomato store. Tomato was very busy, the 5th floor has the patchwork fabrics and the 4th floor the Japanese style fabrics and the toilet (with seat warmer of course).

Today we went back at the quilt festival to check out the market stalls.
We were asked not to take any photos. I suppose they wanted to protect their ideas and products, which I think is fair enough. So here is another overview of the size of the markets.

Instead I will show you our purchases. This is my fabric to keep me occupied for a while.

And now this is Maureen’s. Guess she wins!

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2 Responses to Tokyo Quilt Festival – Day 4 & Nippori Textile Town

  1. Robyn says:

    I can hear the creative juices working on design already!

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