Farewell Tokyo

Our time in Tokyo has been brilliant. We leave this evening, so are all packed. We will leave our luggage at the hotel while we spend the day at the National Museum.

It is very easy to get around on the subway and train system, the streets are clean and the people very friendly and helpful.

Our hotel, The b suidobashi, has served us well. It is only a small hotel in Bunkyo Prefecture but has good access to the subway and many restaurants and food outlets only 5 minutes stroll away.

The subway and trains are very easy to get around on….except for the many stairs to navigate.

Maureen and I have been walking so much that we have gotten quite skinny since we arrived….haha. Thats even after we have tried several sorts of Meiji chocolate, with a little something to wash it down with.

The streets are very clean, absolutely no rubbish on the footpaths, and there are lots of these smoking booths around so no-one is walking around smoking.

The toilets are an absolute dream in this very cold weather. They come with built-in seat warmers, deodorisers, bidets and some even play soft music if you wish to keep your business quite.

The food has been delicious and the beers cold.

And icecreams come in a fully enclosed cone….what a great idea!

We have been careful to pick our time to venture out so as to avoid the rush hours, but some places are still pretty busy during the day. Roads intersect over-top of each other, people are scurrying about and power lines are like black spaghetti hanging in the air.

It has been a fabulous trip. The Tokyo Quilt Festival was well worth coming too and Maureen and I have really enjoyed our sightseeing and textile adventures. This glimpse of Japan has me looking at another trip to explore the rest of the country with Jim.

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12 Responses to Farewell Tokyo

  1. Ros & Terry says:

    Just loved your adventure. Felt like we were there with you.

  2. G & H says:

    Hi Kerry – so glad you went to and enjoyed Tokyo and the Quilting Festival

  3. Vicki says:

    Hi Kerry, have a look at Oku Japan. I did the Nakasendo Trail with them and loved it.

  4. Robyn says:

    I have loved looking at Tokyo again. Japan is a fascinating country. Still on our bucket list to do again. Photos were beautiful as always

  5. olsonfamilytree says:

    Looks like you both had a great trip. Very interesting for us too. Thanks and travel safe. H&T

  6. i just love that ice-cream idea. Also the food looks so wonderful. Great that you enjoyed it Kerry. Might have to go now, I don’t think i’ll have too much trouble talking Ian into it!

    • Kerry & Jim says:

      Wendy you would love the Tokyo Quilt Festival. Handbags are very big in Japan. There were many market stalls selling handbag products. Everything from leather/cotton strapping for handles of every colour and description, clasps and closers of every variety, amazing fabrics….just everything. The variety was huge. X

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