Alice Springs & the West MacDonnell Ranges

We have arrived in Alice Springs during one of the busiest weeks on their calendar. Every caravan park is booked out. We wanted to stay for 4 nights and so have had to spread our stay between 3 caravan parks. Such a nuisance to move but at least we have the chance to have a good look around.

The largest annual sporting event in the Northern Territory, the Finke Desert Race is on, and the town is absolutely packed to the rafters with visitors. The race is a two-day off road multi terrain event featuring bikes, buggies, quads and cars/trucks through desert country from Alice Springs to the small town of Finke 233 km down near the SA border. The official opening was tonight in the Todd Street Mall with a display of some of the race cars and bikes and stuntmen from Showtime FMX doing daring jumps. Although the photos are not all that clear you get the idea of the event.

Anyway, back to sightseeing around Alice. Nestled in the base of the MacDonnell Ranges the town is nicer than we expected; the streets are lined with gum trees and it is a generally neat and tidy town. The Todd River is dry as a bone. The view from the Anzac Hill highlights the ranges.

Yesterday we took the West MacDonnell Ranges tourist loop and travelled about 430 km exploring the gorges and lookouts along the way. It was a long day be well worth it. Following the ranges we head west.

Our first stop was Simpsons Gap.

The view from Mt Sonder Lookout.

Ellery Creek Big Hole

The Neil Hargrave Lookout

The Ochre Pits

Glenn Helen Gorge

Tyler’s Pass Lookout with the enormous Gosse Bluff in the distance.

From here we are making our way to Katherine.

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3 Responses to Alice Springs & the West MacDonnell Ranges

  1. Robyn says:

    Hi if you have time do valley of the palms tour. Just great.

  2. olsonfamilytree says:

    So Jim didn’t enter the Finke?
    Very disappointed, could have made big news, “man attempts Finke with home in tow, much to wife’s chagrin”.
    Enjoy your travels you too. We are.

  3. I hope you saw the beanie festival!!

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