Paris in Spring

Since arriving in Paris the weather has been perfect – 23 deg with no wind and plenty of sunshine.

On the first day we toured on the Hop On Hop Off bus and river cruise to reacquaint ourselves with the layout of the city.

The iconic Eiffel Tower is high on the list of must see things in Paris. I was surprised at how many tourists are travelling – the buses and cruises were full and the queues long.

Notre-Dame is still shrouded in construction scaffolding with quite a few very large cranes perched above her. The tour guide says Notre-Dame will be reopening in December 2024, 5 years after the fire, but that appears a little optimistic.

Driving up the Champs Elysees toward the Arc de Triomphe you pass lovely tree lined gardens and then onto the cities exclusive restaurants and high end fashion houses like Dior and Louis Vuitton.

The detail on the buildings around Paris is very stylish.

From the river you pass so many buildings that are significant in the history of France.

With so many traffic and pedestrian bridges crossing the Seine River they seem to be only a few hundred metres apart – their style determined by their construction date.

There are many tree lined streets and green spaces to relax in.

It is great to be travelling and to be back in Paris. Tomorrow we are off to explore areas that we have not previously visited.

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21 Responses to Paris in Spring

  1. Katrina MacCuspie says:

    Have a great time

  2. Julie Turen says:

    Bonjour, How marvellous that all looks. The buildings really are amazing & grandeur of gardens stunning. Safe travels as you eat cheese & drink champagne.
    Julie T. 💕

  3. Jackie carter says:

    Thank you again so glad you are back travelling just love your blog feels like we are with you 💝 jackie

  4. Heather Campbell says:

    Ah, oui! Great to be back travelling with you🍾
    H & G xx

  5. Peter Jackson says:

    As always great photos. Good to see you on the road again. Thanks for the weather report we are heading to Europe on 21 June. Safe travels Peter & Janet

  6. Linda Every says:

    Sounds delightful Kerry and congratulations on a great summary. You sure have made the most of Paris. Enjoy exploring today

  7. Pauline Brandon says:

    Hi Kerry and Jim…lovely to see your photos of one of my favourite cities. Like you, we found it delightful to revisit and explore the famous, as well as the more “off the beaten track” attractions. Enjoy! Pauline & Gary

  8. bruce tisdell says:

    whats the rubbish like in paris , heard it was bad

    • Kerry & Jim says:

      Hi Bruce. No we have not noticed any rubbish/trash in the streets although there is a lot of buildings and public amenities being upgraded ready for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

  9. Anne O’Reilky says:

    Ah Paris ❤️ how fabulous that you are back there, enjoy and keep the updates coming xx

  10. olsonfamilytree says:

    Great you’re travelling again. Look forward to following the journey. Cheers H&T

  11. Jenny MacKay says:

    I heard you were heading off on a trip. Julie Marchetti was on our last caravan club trek and we found we knew the same person. Enjoy!

  12. Noel Lawrence says:

    Hi Jim and Kerry, Enjoy your travels, IS nice to check out the pics, please keep them coming. Noel

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