Cowra and it’s WW11 history

Cowra holds great significance in WW11 events in Australia’s history.

The POW Camp housed Japanese, Italian and Indonesian soldiers and was the place of the historic Cowra Breakout by the Japanese. Today only a few concrete footings and the rebuilt watch tower are all that remain to remind us of this part of history.

The Australian and Japanese War Cemeteries are beautifully maintained.

The Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre which opened in 1979 was designed by Ken Nakajima, a world-renowned Japanese garden designer. Created on 5 hectares (12 acres) as a strolling garden (Kaiyushiki) it symbolises peace and reconcilliation between our two countries.

The view from the highest point in the gardens is beautiful.

The gardens and grounds are clipped in typical Japanese style.

Little waterfalls tumble down in to the lakes.

Many of the trees are in blossom at the moment.

The Cultural Centre has a wonderful display of artifacts including these traditional figures.

The grounds are so well kept. It was such a lovely place to take an afternoon stroll.

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10 Responses to Cowra and it’s WW11 history

  1. agostino says:

    COWRA, and the COWRA-breakout, I had never heard of it.
    once a prison, now a peaceful place, designed by the former enemy;
    you learned me a part of interesting Australian history;also involved some Italians.
    On Wikepedia no Italian victims of the outbreak are mentioned , but the beautiful monument is clear, there were at least some Italian victims
    thank you for teaching us
    un caro saluto
    agostino Holland / Italy

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    How beautiful. I remember seeing a movie about the Cowra breakout…a very sad time in our history.
    My iPad is playing up. It hasn’t been allowing me to leave comments on your posts. I have had to step across to my computer. Skype isn’t working and now I can’t write my blog posts from there. A trip to the genius bar has been booked for Monday. That should be interesting in Italy.

  3. Peter Jackson says:

    Very interesting and beautiful gardens. I know the history well but had no knowledge of the gardens. A past not forgotten but wonderful we have moved forward. Thanks Jim and Kerry for sharing these insightful and really interesting posts.

  4. Jenny MacKay says:

    We were taken in by Cowras history when we were there in April. Was bucketing with rain so we didn’t go to the gardens, can see now what we missed.

  5. Trish Sorensen says:

    I love the way they have made something beautiful and serene out of such a formerly sad and desperate place. Great photos as usual.

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