Cobar & Broken Hill – outback mining towns

Cobar, a mining and pastoral town since the 1870s, produces copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold and is surrounded by pastoral stations.

Once an open cut mine, the work is now underground, as seen from Fort Bourke Hill Lookout.

We camped at Newey Reservoir on the outskirts of town.

The wildlife around the reservoir was prolific but we were surprised to learn that the little heads in the water were freshwater turtles peering up at us.

Broken Hill,

When we visited the temperature for the time of year was well able average…..42 deg. at 4pm……not good for the tourist.

So we decided on visiting a couple of galleries and staying in the airconditioning. Pro Hart and Jack Absalom are both very well known Australian artists and are famous ambassadors for Broken Hill. Unfortunately both galleries did not allow photography – outside photos only.

We were lucky to be greeted my Mr Absalom on arrival at this gallery. He has just visited Margaret River so perhaps a painting from the area is on the cards!!

The Living Desert Sculpture Site, about 10km from Broken Hill, is in a Fauna and Flora Sanctuary. The hilltop is home to the sculptures and the views are amazing in all directions. This is just some of the works on display.

From this lookout the outback seems never ending and it really is a big sky.

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8 Responses to Cobar & Broken Hill – outback mining towns

  1. Jenny MacKay says:

    Are you still in Broken Hill Kerry? Did you go see the Big Picture? I do hope you did or at least have time before you go to check it out. You’ll be amazed and the Miners Memorial on top of the Lode is very heart catching. Enjoy!

  2. Mulino Dominillo says:

    I love that old church!

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    What enormous wide open spaces.

  4. Julie and Ron says:

    You can see the Flinders Range….amazing views…those Rollers in Pro’s gallery where there when we visited with the kids 20+ years ago….great shots as always…thirsty work Jim…safe travels guys.

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