The Long Paddock and other things!

Travelling around we have seen the ‘long paddock’ being put to good use. The long paddock is traditionally a designated Travelling Stock Route for drovers to feed their stock as they move them from one region to another as the seasons dictate.

Today the long paddock has become a term used for wide road verges here in outback Australia.

Firstly we were amazed when we saw it being cropped.

We have seen sheep and cattle grazing on the Long Paddocks and being somewhat of a hazard on the roads.

As were these horses, donkeys, goats and emu. Kangaroos are ever present.

Large machinery being transported is a common site around mining towns. Pretty hard to get past if you are travelling behind. We had to pull off the road and onto the verge to allow these to go past.

And by the time we passed we could almost touch this low flying plane.

All part of the fun and sights on these trips!

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6 Responses to The Long Paddock and other things!

  1. mulino dominillo says:

    Quite a crowded place! Totally unexpected… Thank you for sharing.

  2. mdmunro says:

    I agree! What a great insight into life on the road!! Thanks

  3. Peter jackson says:

    Always enjoy your snaps and the insights they provide. Keep snapping but watch out for the roos

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