Historical York

On our recent caravan trip the only town we stayed overnight in was York – the oldest inland town in WA. Founded in 1831 on the banks of the Avon River, York has some lovely old buildings, many still in use today.

We only had a short time to have a look around so will have to venture back to York again.

From the Mount Brown Lookout you get a 360 deg view across York and the surrounding countryside. The CBH bins look pretty impressive from up here.

Come for a stroll along the streets to see some of the lovely buildings.

Two shops caught my eye – The Sock Factory and Patchwork on Avon.

The Sock Factory is the retail outlet for beautiful quality, colourful and patterned socks. Manufactured totally here in WA at the factory in Midvale all sorting, packing and distribution is done in York. Also on sale is a variety of Australian products ranging from Ugg boots, woollen jumpers, gloves and scarves. The artisan hand dyed and felted scarves from merino wool and silk were beautiful.

Patchwork on Avon is a relatively new shop in town. They have a very nice range of fabrics and all things patchwork and quilting are available. Also some home decorating items and haberdashery are sold.

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8 Responses to Historical York

  1. Pauline Brandon says:

    Looks like a lovely place! Love all the beautifully preserved buildings….. And the sock shop!

  2. Jill says:

    Hi did you buy some warm socks Kerry I hear its cold down there compared to Broome where I’ll be till June 😁.

  3. mulino dominillo says:

    Lovely old buildings and photos!

  4. agostino says:

    Thank you for a view at York.
    I’m curious about the origins of founding York, Australia. First time I heard of that city, far away from Europe.
    Who were the founding fathers ? A group of immigrants from York GBr. ? I noticed the church, of witch the tower is more a less similar to one of the towers of the famous – and a little bit older – York Minster in GB.
    Un caro saluto from Italy and Holland

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