Hangzhou is in southern China and is very popular with wealthy Chinese. Given the mild climate and beautiful scenery in this area many of them have luxury homes and apartments around the West Lake. Hangzhou also attracts about 20 million visitors per year to see its sights – mostly Chinese but it is also on the international tourist trail. With a population of 8 million the city freeway system is just as impressive as the larger cities.

We strolled along the lake side promenades and also took a cruise in a traditional boat to enjoy the views from the lake.

Another highlight of our trip was to attend ‘Impression West Lake’ – a theatrical production staged on the lake. The director produced the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics so the standard was right up there. With the stage set 2 inches below the water level it gave the impression the actors were walking on water. The story ‘A scene in heaven, and a dream on earth’ is about a love story that can never be. It was very impressive.

Not far from the city we visited a tea plantation and enjoyed a presentation and tasting of green tea, China’s most popular tea. Green tea is continually drunk throughout the day as it is considered to have many health benefits.

Our final destination is Shanghai.

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7 Responses to Hangzhou

  1. andrea gray says:

    amazing, I loved the lake pictures and tea in china sound like a bucket list tick.

  2. Peter Jackson says:

    Spectacular photos of the performance on the/in the lake.

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    That performance looks amazing.

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