Delights of Horrocks Beach

We are currently staying up at Horrocks Beach at Gaylene & Marks house, with friends Graham and Heather from Sydney, who were keen to see some of WA during their stay here.

On a lovely calm morning Jim and Graham went out pulling pots with our nephew Cameron and his mate. Not sure about the salute – Benny Hill’ish!

This sea eagle was keen to see what they caught.

The resulting catch was most enjoyed by all.

Thanks Cam.

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11 Responses to Delights of Horrocks Beach

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    It all looks wonderful.

  2. Robyn says:

    Delicious! The area looks beautiful.

  3. Tony Olson says:

    Yum, yum. Hope you made GC pay per kg for the great Aussie feed!

  4. Ron and Julie Haines says:

    Well now those two men of the ocean look the part and what a bloody great catch.
    In sure some good WA wine washed down what would have been an awesome feed.
    Well done guys. Elysia is due early June so we will be back over soon….a boy for Elwee!
    regards to all
    Julie and Ron

  5. Dave & Di says:

    The lobsters look very yummy. Great catch and I can’t believe Jim has turned Graham into a fisherman in such a short period. Horrocks Neach looks beautiful from the photos.
    Dave & Di

  6. Graham says:

    What a great team of 8 – glad 4 didn’t make it past our mouths.
    another great time with Jim & Kerry

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