Great Surf

What beautiful weather we have had here in Margaret River for the long weekend.  We could not resist going over to the beach to watch the surfers enjoying the waves.  The views up and down the coast made the water look very inviting.

Although the waves were crowded, the surfers are clever at staying balanced and avoiding other surfers on their wave.


With the world class Margaret River Surf Pro coming up in April, let’s hope the perfect conditions continue.

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4 Responses to Great Surf

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    You have surf, we have snow.

  2. Pauline Brandon says:

    Yes! Quite a “pod” of surfers there! Magic photos…. Just amazing colours!

  3. Kerry & Jim says:

    Very hectic out there on the water during long weekends. The colours of the ocean are amazing…always changing.

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