Lake Eyre

Today we joined the WrightsAir scenic flight from Coober Pedy over to Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre and on to Anna Creek Painted Hills. It was spectacular to see from the air but unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice. Such a shame you can’t open a window to take the photos. The reflections on the windows make it very difficult to photograph the scenery below. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful flight and would recommend it if you are coming this way.

Setting off from Coober Pedy the opal fields are a standout.

They do it big out here!

Flying north east we cross Nilpinna Station which is on the Oodnadatta Track and has an area of 5,658 square kilometres. All the creek beds are dry after 5 years of drought.

The Davenport Ranges, with Mount Margaret as its peak, is the boundary of Nilpinna Station.

East of the Ranges is Anna Creek Station which is spread over 15,746 square kilometres.

Both stations are owned by the Williams Cattle Company which breeds and fattens cattle depending on the seasons. Our guide told us that Anna Creek Station can carry 44,000 head of cattle in a good season.

So far the flight has taken just over one and a half hours and we can finally just see Lake Eyre on the horizon.

Crossing the Neales River we continue on to the Warburton River which enters Lake Eyre on the north eastern side. It is from here that over 85 percent of the water enters Lake Eyre. The Warburtons major tributary is the Diamantina River which starts its flow in Queensland. This year Lake Eyre has filled to approx. 80 per cent which is the highest level since it actually filled in 1984. It is very clear where the Warburton flows into the Lake.

Once over Lake Eyre the enormous expanse of water is appreciated. Salt crusted shorelines and small islands made it an amazing sight.

We land at William Creek for some afternoon tea at the pub. Apart from the pub there is a campground and WrightsAir also have an office out here.

Next we fly south west to take in the colourful Anna Creek Painted Hills which rise up out of the desert landscape. Made up of sandstone, clay and iron-oxide the rocky outcrops are protected and are not accessible by road. The only way to enjoy their ever changing colours throughout the day is by air.

From Coober Pedy we will make our way to Uluru Ayers Rock.

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  2. olsonfamilytree says:

    An amazing experience, great photos, keep on enjoying.

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    Fantastic photos Kerry

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