We have arrived at Lake Argyle

The trip from Katherine to Lake Argyle is very scenic, especially at Victoria River. The red rocky cliffs make for a dramatic change after the flat plains.

We stayed the night at Timber Creek in the company of some smallish freshwater crocodiles.

The trip into Lake Argyle was another great trip. The country up this way really is spectacular.

We have just returned from the afternoon and sunset boat cruise out on Lake Argyle. The lake is so huge, we only went about a third of the way down the lake on the four hour trip.

The colours in the rock are ever-changing in the sunlight.

The water seems endless.

Just before sunset we had the opportunity to have a swim in the lake.

And then we watched the stunning sunset from the boat with beers, bubbles and nibbles.

Another great day!

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2 Responses to We have arrived at Lake Argyle

  1. G & H says:

    Lake Argyle looks terrific but swimming? keep livin the dream!

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