We are finally getting some relief from the unseasonally hot spell up here in the Kimberley’s. It is starting to cool off and we are certainly appreciating the change; especially the overnight temperatures.

Apparently, Kununurra is the newest town in Australia, established in 1961 on the Ord River, when the first diversion dam was built to create irrigation for new farming opportunities.

Today, Sandalwood plantations, chia, melons, pumpkins, sugar cane, quinoa, legumes, chick peas, bananas and other crops are grown on the Ord River Irrigation Area.

We cruised on Lake Kununurra into the late afternoon.

The much older port of Wyndham in the Cambridge Gulf, established in 1886, is surrounded by five rivers. The Durack, Pentecost and King rivers to the south, Forrest River to the west and Ord River to the north. The port initially serviced the gold mines of Halls Creek, then from 1919 – 1985 the Wyndham Meatworks. Today it’s the port of call for general services into the east Kimberley.

Not a lot of water was flowing over the Ivanhoe Crossing. The concrete causeway over the Ord River is just north of Kununurra and is really only suitable for 4WD’s to cross. Locals recommended it as the perfect spot for barramundi fishing, however saltwater crocodiles inhabit the area, so fishing from the causeway and banks is at your own risk!

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6 Responses to Kununurra

  1. G & H says:

    Thanks for the details on that part of Australia, always was interested in it. Keep enjoying your holiday.

  2. Robyn says:

    Stunning photos as always! Did you cross the causeway?

  3. Peter Jackson says:

    Greetings from Vienna Austria. Beautiful photos of a very unique part of the world. Magnificent country. Enjoying your travel blog

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